Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/10 6 pm cst

On Tuesday night Teri is bringing a group of people from St Pete's to celebrate Eucharist with me. I would like as many of you as can celebrate with us where ever you are. Right now I feel okay, weak and tired but okay. I don't know how things will progress so I am taking advantage of every lucid moment when I feel like company. There were almost too many people today but it was all good. It is a really holy moment when you can look someone in the eye and thank them for their love, support and place in your life. Please imagine in your mind's eye that I am doing that with you right now.

Love, Roseann


susankay said...

I'll be there -- in spirit. And honored to be invited.


Rose in the woods said...

I also will be with you. May you be surrounded and protected by the Light and Love of God as you journey on in that Light.