Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, honey! What's wrong?

Let me tell you, when in my state the first words you hear in the morning from your beloved are, "Oh honey! What's wrong?" it is most disconcerting. My head and neck were swollen like never before. I didn't just look like a chipmunk on crack, I looked like a herd of chipmunks on crack.

I went to dialysis and they took one look at me and wanted to send me to the ER but since I could breathe okay they went ahead and hooked me up. 3.5 liters of fluid later the swelling had gone down significantly. My nephrologist, the amazing Dr. Kimball decided to set me up for a veinogram so they can determine if there is some sort of blockage with the catheter going into my heart. I'll have this procedure done on Thursday.

In the meantime I kind of look like Cartman, so respect my authoritie!

Love and prayers to you all, Roseann


Mark said...

I am amazed that in the midst of all of these maladies, your sense of humor still comes through. Prayers ascending for you Roseann

Grandmère Mimi said...

Roseann, as Mark says, it is amazing. I posted a prayer request for you. I send my love and prayers that all goes well on Thursday and that the doctors find out how they can help you get better.

And I won't cross you between now and then. I promise I'll respect your authoritie.

motheramelia said...

Roseann, you do continue to amaze. God's peace be with you and his arms enfold you.

susankay said...

Blessings be.

Joan said...

Prayers ascending, Ro! Keep us posted, please.

Saintly Ramblings said...

Prayer ascending from this side of the pond.

Eileen said...

Prayers ascending Roseann!

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