Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thunder and rain

This is one of my favorite types of days. Thunder, rain, nothing violent like strong winds, hail or tornados. Just that sound of the rain with occasional rumblings. This is a day when I can relax and read and color mandalas.

Mandalas, from the Sanskrit word for circle, are a Hindu and Buddhist symbol that represents the universe and its energy. I use them for meditative purposes by coloring them with my colored pencils. I lose my self in the patterns and colors. I don't make decisions just reach into my bag of pencils and let it happen.

Let it happen is where my energy is taking me. Everything has been so up and down, 1 step forward then 2 back. I have no control, no say so over what is happening. I dont know where this journey is leading me or where I will end up. I love God and I trust in God, not that I know for sure what that means.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Roseann, what a lovely post. I quoted a snippet and urged folks to come here to read the rest.

May God bless you and give you more peaceful days with your mandalas.

Paul said...

Thanks to Mimi, I stopped by. A lovely post, indeed. I so like the thought of you lost in the mystery of mandalas, going with the flow as you add color. A big cyber-hug! May the thunder and rain continue to comfort until the sun brings light and warmth again.

Two Auntees said...

What beautiful thoughts. I continue to pray for you.

motheramelia said...

Roseann, your day sounds lovely. Prayers continue.

susan s. said...

Yes, beautiful thoughts. Prayers for you today and always, Roseann.

susankay said...

yeah -- I have no idea what it means either (true of most stuff about God) but I, too, trust God.

Be well. (and I don't exactly know what that means either)

Anonymous said...


I'm too shy to say much of late, just reading along and wishing with all my heart for a break in the "2 steps back" part!