Monday, July 27, 2009


Cat people, please don't hate me for this but I've decided I'm just not a cat person. I have two cats, Lucy who is 16 and Skitter who is 14. They have decided to make my life even more miserable. They yak up something everyday and not in one place. Oh no, they have to yak in 3 or 4 different spots. And Lucy has decided she doesn't want to poop in the litter box. Near it, just not in it. I think they hate me.

Wiener dogs love me and hang out with me and don't yak and do their business where they are supposed to. They are relentless beggars if I have food but they love me even if I don't.

Dogs rule.


Anonymous said...

Just for the record...

These cats are elderly cats. My Bean died from g.i. cancer at age 14 - and shortly before she died, she used to throw up her food quite frequently (that is, while she was still able to eat).

She also had bowel problems before her death too.

Before Bean, I had another cat named Fancey who had hyperthyrodism, and that caused her to throw up a lot as well.

It might be a good idea to have a vet check them out for any gastrointestinal problems or thyroid problems, given their advanced ages and the throwing up thing (I didn't see any mention of their eating habits, if they are refusing food and water, etc, but watch them for that too, as Bean lost her appetite about 2 weeks before her death).

Sorry to ramble on so, but yeah, I'm a cat person (and a dog person, and a horse person, and a ferret person, etc) and I guess I just see them as little vulnerable people who trust us to take care of them. If they were living on the street, their lifespan would be half the years your cats have clocked up.

Truly, some cats can be very companionable, almost like a dog. Mine have been that way; miss Bean used to follow me all over the house like a puppy. Gus does this too. This is why I love my feline furbabies so much. :D

Being Peace said...

Just to be clear... I love my kitties. They just torment me.