Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are you taking me home now?

Wednesday was a really bad day. They couldn't get an IV started because of my little tiny roly-poly veins. So they had to put in the new permacath with no sedation. Good husband Gary had a feeling something wouldn't go right so he brought me a double dose of pain med and I was able to sleep through most of dialysis.

Then the real fun began. My blood pressure dropped to 60 over 35. Is that dead? No, but damned close. I couldn't even talk. The had to put in almost as much saline as the fluid they'd removed.

They usually don't let family members stay with you in the dialysis room but they let Gary stay. Frankly I think his being there kept me alive. He held my hand and I could feel his energy. I could also feel prayer. I don't know if anyone was praying for me at that specific moment, I just know I could feel God's presence. At one point I said, "are you taking me home now?" And Gary and the nurse were like, "what?????" I didn't mean to say that out loud.

Good news is I'm home now, drugged sufficiently and full of chicken and dumplings.


Janis said...

{{{Roseann}}} God bless you AND Gary. My prayers continue for you!

Suzer said...

Prayers and lots of love headed your way, Roseann. I don't often comment, but have been following your journey to wellness and good health (because that IS where you are headed!) over at Grandmere Mimi's place. Please know that there are so many folks thinking of and praying for you -- far beyond even the ones who leave comments. Love to you.

motheramelia said...

Dear Roseann, prayers continue even while I'm across the sea.

Jim said...


I am sorry you are suffering but glad you are home. Are you going to be able to go to home dialysis at some point?

Prayers continue here.