Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rings and things

I seem to be troubled with nausea again. It is hard to eat and I have to just rely on the feeding tube. I can tell I'm losing weight again because my rings are just flopping around on my finger. My engagement ring spins around like a tilt-a-whirl so I've taken it off for now.

Gary and I have decided that after his 10 days of post surgery recovery we will go to MO to see his mom. At first Gary wanted to go during the 10 days but I put the kibosh on that idea. Apparently he just lost his mind for a few hours. I can just see him loaded up on pain pills dealing with his mother. I don't think it would be pretty. She drives him crazy under the best of circumstances.

So, he's going to take a week off after the 10 time and we'll go up then. We're going to take a day trip to St Louis, or maybe an overnight if we can take advantage of our friend John, and go visit Barnes Jewish. Also, I'll get to indulge in one of my favorite junk foods, White Castle!


motheramelia said...

Prayers for the nausea to go away so you can eat. Sounds like you will both need your strengths for the visit. Pray the hospital visit is fruitful. Love and Peace.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Roseann, I'm sorry about the nausea and the weight loss. It's one damned thing after another, isn't it? You and Gary are on my daily prayer list.

The visits to my MIL drove me crazy. We were two strong-minded women, and we clashed. Now, when I look back, I wish I had just kept my mouth shut more. After all, we didn't live in the same town.

Love and blessings.

susan s. said...

I agree with Mimi on the first paragraph. My in-laws lived across town but my FIL was the one that drove me crazy. I tried to keep my mouth shut, but it was hard.

Are you going to drive? I had visions of Gary driving on pain killers... not a good combination!

Prayers for you both.

Being Peace said...

I'll drive but I made him realize that going during the 10 recovery time was insanity.

terri c said...

I thought I read somewhere on MP's site that you and Gary had an anniversary coming up? I hope it is happy, and also really hope the nausea abates...

Erika Baker said...

This may be totally off topic because I don't know what's causing your nausea, but when my daughter suffered badly from it as a side effects from all the drugs she was taking, we discovered almost by accident that homeopathy eliminated most of it completely.

StLouisJohn said...

You damn well BETTER take advantage of me when you're here! Otherwise, I'll be pretty doggone p-o'ed big time!

And I'll have a nice spread of White Castles for you. We can party on a Travel Pack! :-)

As you know, Barnes-Jewish is 3 miles from my apartment. And White Castle is in-between!

We gotcha covered baby!

Love yah and lots of prayers!


Lisa Fox said...

Roseann, can you reveal where in MO you'll be visiting (besides the StL excursion? I inquire for selfish reasons, of course.