Saturday, May 16, 2009


Prayer is really a simple thing. If all I use are the words our Savior taught us I can feel an energy and connection. My focus right now is on intercessory prayer. There is so much and so many who need that energy and connection that prayer gives. 

My Aunt Lila and Uncle Joe had a ministry of prayer that I can only hope to accomplish. Every day they prayed for a list of people by name. This list was 4 or 5 legal pages long. I know I was one of those they prayed for every day. Most names would come and go on their list depending upon the need. The most important thing was they did this together every day. I would join them when I could and often found myself in tears just from feeling the power of the Holy Spirit.

I pray for all of you. Sometimes, thanks to Mimi and MP I know a specific need, often I don't. I can't do much right now but I can pray for my friends. That is my job right now.

Love, R


motheramelia said...

Roseann, it's a very lovely job and all the effort that it takes is worth it. Continued prayers for you and Gary.

Anonymous said...

And prayer is what Tiggers do best!! :)

susan s. said...

Thank you for this Roseann. I hope you are feeling better today. I pray for you.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I can't do much right now but I can pray for my friends. That is my job right now.

And it is a great thing that you do, Roseann.

My prayers continue for you and Gary.

Love and blessings.

Joan said...

And we continue to pray for you.

Lindy and Rowan said...

Yes, we all have our jobs. Prayer, though, is the one that connects us so powerfully. Praying for you too.