Sunday, April 5, 2009

No communion today

No one remembered to bring me communion today. Not an LEV or a deacon or one of the priests. I don' t know if I messed up and was supposed to call the church or something. When I was last in the hospital 2 of our priests promised me at different times that they would bring me communion. I feel kind of sad that no one remembered and even worse if I was supposed to do something and failed to do it.

I decided to not pout and picked up the phone. One of our priests is on his way over. He was mortified because he thought I'd been assigned to someone else. So bless him, in the middle of the afternoon he is on his way.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Good for you! I'm glad you called. One thing I have discovered in dating a priest is just how human they are. Dear Friend worries constantly about whom he might have forgotten to call or visit, and beats himself up mercilessly when it happens. In a large and growing parish, it just happens sometimes...not great, but not a case of people who don't care either.


motheramelia said...

Phoning is always a good idea. I know when i've slipped up I feel awful and all I can do is grovel and fret. Lots of love and prayers.

Being Peace said...

I attend the Cathedral and it is pretty big. Sometimes people and missions can fall through the cracks. I was taking it personally and then decided that I know they care so it must be just a mistake. Fr. Dan came right over, brought me some palms and we shared a wonderful abbreviated Palm Sunday.

We're too hard on our clergy. I've never known a one who meant any harm. I've known a few that were a taco short of a combination plate but maybe that is just inherent to all of us at times.

susan s. said...

Speaking out is an empowering thing to do. Good for you that you called.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

Hey Roseanne,

Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi" and see how you are doing. You continue to be in my prayers.

Lisa Fox said...

I too am glad you phoned. Mix-ups happen. As you discovered. Glad you got to share Palm Sunday and Eucharist.

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Lisa Fox said...

I got an e-mail alert that someone responded to this thread. I see it's a spam announcement.

It reminded me of dear Roseanne, though, and how I miss her.