Sunday, April 12, 2009

Neighborhood Easter war

I woke up before sunrise and was having a blessed and calm Easter morning. 2 hours later my crazy neighbors are out in the middle of the street having a full-on war. Mostly screaming and cursing and waving of sticks and bats.

Now I don't want to call, wait I DO want to call these douche bags trailer trash. This is a nice neighborhood and they need to move to a trailer park.

I had to call 911 and a patrol car came out and broke it up.

Don't mess with my peaceful Easter please!

p.s. Enjoy this giant Lego Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Bats?? As in Louisville Sluggers?

Geez. Must be the squadron of angels that I thought was going to greet Joe once he crossed over...apparently they're living next door to you. Sorry about that little mixup there.

Yes, I'm convinced that there are little angel sin accountants who are hunched over adding machines and totalling up everything Joe has ever done, and once he's out of this vale of tears, they're going to be waiting for him in the clouds with their Sluggers, ready to kick his buns for some of the things he's done.

He's convinced of this too. LOL!!

MadPriest said...

I think you might be a latent Englishwoman, Roseann. Some people laugh at the innate repression and reserve of the English, but it does make for quieter Easter mornings.

Lindy said...

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the Lego Jesus. I just wonder what kind of mind conceived of such a thing. It's so great.