Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Holy Week?

Maybe this is my last Holy Week on this earth. Who knows? There are so many people praying for miracles for me that I find myself without fear. At least for this moment.

I want to thank everyone who write about their 4-leggeds. If Heaven isn't full of critters God and I will have a serious talk. :-)  I pray for all your pets, especially those getting old or sick. My Tinker is getting old and I tried to make her promise she wouldn't go before me but she was too interested in what was left on my plate to really pay attention.

My friend John and I talked about what would happen to our critters if something happened to us. I know Gary will take care of mine but I also know they are far more attached to me than to him. My prayer is that they would adapt and love him like they love me. Which might annoy him a little, especially my shadow Belle. She is relentless about being in a lap.

MP wrote on his blog, Jesus was ultimately betrayed by the world and he needed God to rescue him. This is also the life experience of us all. Right now my younger brother won't talk to me. He has a "perfect" life. Beautiful wife and children, beautiful house, plenty of money to shield it all. Everyone healthy and happy. I'm the wrench in that perfection. He says he loves me and prays for me but he will not talk to me no matter how I reach out to him. I hope that God rescues us both soon from this betrayal. I'm not the easiest sister to have. I know this will shock you but I have strong opinions and I call them as I see them. Younger brother is on what I consider the "dark side." Bush and Cheney were great. Waterboarding is not torture and so what if it is. His son goes to Pat Robertson's law school. Seriously, all dark side stuff to me. The thing is I love him and would walk through fire and broken glass for him. Anytime. Please pray that we reconcile and in that process I learn to just shut up and let him be who he wants to be. I would wash his feet.

I think Holy Week is working me already.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I think you are right, Roseann. Holy Week is working...

I'm sorry about your brother. I know people like that--who cannot stand to let themselves get close to people with problems for fear that they, too, will have to recognize that they are mortal.

Prayers continue for you and Gary.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, Roseann, I don't always leave notes, but I do read the things you write and sometimes it's so very profound and moving to me, that I'm just blown into silence.

So just be aware that I'm mentally walking with you, even if sometimes I'm quiet about it. :)

Tracie the Red

motheramelia said...

It's hard when someone we love refuses to reciprocate, especially at a time we really need them. As you enter Holy Week, let the love that gave himself for us wash over you and keep you.

Lisa Fox said...

I'll just echo what others have said here ... and what you already know. Some people just cannot cope with illness or infirmity. I am sorry your brother has thrown up this wall between you.