Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random thoughts about today

I got a phone call from a sweet friend today. She hasn't called much lately because for awhile I was just too tired to talk. On dialysis days my throat gets very dry and I'm hoarse and can't speak very well. She called at a perfect time today and it was fun to talk to her.

I've also been talking on the phone with my friend John in St Louis. It is so fun to talk to him. We haven't met F2F but I feel like we've known each other forever.

A friend from my old parish contacted me. She found my blog and read through most of it. She told me that St Pete's had been praying for me for months but she didn't know why. She offered to help any way she can. I was so moved.

I'm pretty emotional these days. I'm so excited about the prospect of going to Barnes Jewish. I have to chill on that. I was convinced I would get transplanted at UAMS so I'm working on just being calm and letting things go at their own pace instead of feeling rush, rush, rush. I also cry at the drop of a hat. West Wing is being rerun on Bravo and I record it on DVR. The episode called Two Cathedrals makes me just sob. So of course, I watch it a lot. I miss sitting in the pew and hope I can get there soon.

I just want to say I love Traci the Red. Not only does she look awesome in the Aretha hat she visits and comments a lot. I'm still laughing over the angel sin accountants. 

Really I love all of you. You're in my prayers and I'm grateful for MP's prayer request updates. Knowing a specific need helps me focus. I love your pets too. Especially the dogs. 


Grandmère Mimi said...

Roseann, I love you, too. You and Gary continue in my prayers.

My family was over for Easter Day, and my grandchildren were careless about closing the gate to the back yard. My dog, Diana, escaped twice, once to take a swim in our neighbor's pool.

Anonymous said...

I work in media relations at Barnes-Jewish, I work closely with the kidney transplant. Have no fear! They are awesome folks and will do EVERYTHING in their power to take the best care of you they can. Good luck and be well.

Anonymous said...

Well, there are reasons why those angels are sweating their wings off over their adding machines, trying to stay on top of Joe's sin account.

See, one day I saw, on a message board, a photo of this sculpture of Jesus playing basketball with two kids. Some people thought it was a very bizarre sculpture (I agree) and they were asking if Jesus wears Air Jordan sandals or something like that.

And someone pointed out "Hey, according to that sculpture, Jesus is white, so he can't jump!!"

Joe's comment was "Jesus doesn't jump - he ASCENDS."

Insert mental image here of an angel at an old style adding machine and pulling on the lever every time he commits a new sin.

He's keeping those angels really busy. Call it job security for angels.

And also for the manufacturers of Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

EY said...

Oh, in my note, I neglected to mention that Emma the Basset is still with us. Thirteen (14 on Halloween!), much more white than brown or black and still beats me up the stairs of the deck. She naps more these days and is far more selective with her hearing. She doesn't like to get up in the morning, but then, neither do I. I have a great picture of her giving the camera the typical "like I care" look that only a hound can. If I find the electronic version, I'll send it.
Lesley (or as I'm more likely to be on the web, EY)

Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing said...

All us dogs love you too Ms. Roseann. Me and my guardian do pray for you and wish all good for you, all good and a new kidney too! I wish I could give you a little snuggle and get petted by you.

Your good friend,