Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeling Gratitude

I won't be able to attend Palm Sunday services this year. I just don't have the strength. In spirit I will be with the people of Grace and St. Stephens in Colorado. Tomorrow they get their church building back. 


Joan said...

I'm sorry you can't attend services. It will be a wonderful day at Grace & St. Stephen's.

Anonymous said...

This might sound crazy, and very last-minute, but could someone video it for you?

renzmqt said...

Roseann, I posted some lovely meditations by Jane Redmon on the Emmanuel Cyber Chapel blog space.
May I suggest listening to Jesus Christ Superstar? Do the meditations and wave one of your houseplants at your husband (a small one). :)

Peace be with you, big sis.


Being Peace said...

Tracie...I bet someone made a video. I will keep a look out for it. I'm going to write the church and ask for a service bulletin. Before I woke up this morning I had a sort of vision of all the people lining up with their palms and laughing and crying and being grateful.