Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Miracles

I haven't taken the St Jude medal off since I got it and I seem to have a little more energy every day.

My cousin Lee came over today with a prayer shawl she knitted for me. As she was getting ready to tie off the last bit of fringe she looked down at the floor and there was a sterling silver charm of the Bible so she put it on the last fringe. She has no idea where it came from and knows it is not something she bought. 

Patricia came over with Easter dinner for me and Gary. Lemon-rosemary roasted chicken, roasted baby potatoes, a medley of zucchini, red and green sweet peppers.

We feel so blessed and thank all of you for your prayers and kind comments.

Love, Roseann


Anonymous said...

More awesome.

Sounds like you have some good cooks around you too! :)

I wish I could make you some of my world-famous beef stroganoff...or Joe could make one of his famous sweet potato pies...

Juanuchis said...

{{Roseann and Gary}} Happy Easter! What a blessing are Patricia and your cousin, as well as St. Jude and the benefactor of your medal. Reading your last two posts have warmed the cockles of my heart. :)

susan s. said...

Patricia is an angel!! My cockles are also warmed by your other posts.