Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too much time on my hands...

I'm on Facebook. I love it. Yes, it is a huge time suck but all I've got is time right now. I'm really happy my friends from Beliefnet have mostly migrated there. I hope dutch and some others make it eventually.

There is an application on FB, SuperPoke Pets, that has become my current addiction. The premise is you "adopt" a pet. Mine is a pig named Dale. You then play with your pet and your friends pets to earn "coins" which you then trade at the pet store for all kinds of pet stuff. With your pet and stuff you create habitats. This is where it gets really interesting. I have over 70 SuperPet "friends." These are people I don't know but have added as friends just so I can get more coins and build more habitats.

You can tell from the habitats what kind of person the owner is. Are they smart, witty, boring, indulgent, materialistic, nihilist, artist, humorist? Are they a person you'd probably want to invite over for coffee? Are they a person you'd avoid?

My favorite SuperPet friend is some guy named Jack and his pet pig Patrick. Jack is very funny and his habitats reflect a quick, sharp wit. And like me, he must have too much time on his hands because he has a new habitat almost every day.

My habitats tend to be pure whimsy or political. I'm also using my pet's "status" to appeal for a kidney donor. Who knows? Maybe Dale will find a willing donor and if they can't help me they can for sure help someone.

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