Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday it was 78 and sunny in Little Rock. I love crazy weather days. I needed sunshine so I was grateful for a weird sunny day in January. 

I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my SAD post. I'm grateful for the understanding. 

I've been fighting to get my blood pressure under control. Kidneys play a big role in regulating BP so I'm forced to take yet another medication to fill in the gap. Yes, it is a PITA to take a handful of meds just to keep the ol' bod working but I won't complain. The good news is they work. The hard part is it seems like when you fix one thing it breaks something else! I think my doctor is good at figuring out the tightrope and how to keep me balanced.

I want to send some love to the Mad Priest. The OCICBW blog has come to mean a lot to me. I've made good cyber-friends through the site. When I ask for prayer I can count on MP and the OCICBWers being there for me. They also help me get out of my own head and give me the opportunity to pray for others. I am very grateful for that gift. MP, I am glad God gave you the ministry of your blog and that you are faithful to that ministry.

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