Friday, January 2, 2009


Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues have got me down. Ain't no sunshine in January. Pretty much November through March, no sunshine. It starts to wear me down around Christmas and it is in full effect now.

I find myself short tempered and wanting to be alone. Then I'm lonely and depressed. A real push-me-pull-you. I don't want to be alone yet other people just wear me out and piss me off. Lovely state of mind, let me tell ya.


Juanuchis said...

Move over.

DanG said...

They make light boxes that mimic sun light. The boxed are expensive but I would think you could use a fluorescent light tube that is in the correct wavelength and do about the same thing. Good Luck

Robert said...

Hi, Roseann, here's hoping the sun shines in LR soon. In case it doesn't, here, have some of mine. Hoping you cheer up soon. r

renzmqt said...

::big hugs from the U.P.::

The good thing about cyber is you can flip it on or off. I'll have to go give your pet a tickle on FB.

So what music do you listen to when the sad is bad?

susan s. said...

There oughta be a display of the right light for computer screens...It could help like those special lights Dan talks about... My husband's answer to this problem is to sleep until the fog and clouds burn off and then get up. Of course that only works if the fog and clouds burn off!