Friday, December 26, 2008

"Grief ebbs but grief never ends. Death ends a life but death does not end a relationship. If we allow ourselves to be still and if we take responsibility for our grief, the grief becomes as polished and luminous and mysterious as death itself. When it does, we learn to love anew, not only the one who has died. We learn to love anew those who yet live." --Julius Lester


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

That is beautiful, and very meaningful. This past week was the first anniversary of my 29 yr. old granddaughter's death in a tragic car accident, and today is the anniversary of her funeral.

Thank you for posting this.

Being Peace said...

Pat... I didn't know why I posted this until now.

Much love and my deepest sympathies for your loss,

renzmqt said...

There's a scene in Torch Song Trilogy between the mother and son - it occurs in a cemetary - the argument evolves into a discussion about grief. The general idea is that grief subsides but doesn't ever leave, and you don't want it to because it is your reminder of the love you have for the person who is no longer there, it becomes a comfort. That scene has stayed with me.