Saturday, December 13, 2008

And speaking of shootings...

Last night around 11:30, DH and I were watching TV and we hear a gun shot LOUD, right in front of our house. I immediately get on the phone and call 911. Big commotion in the street and we hear, "Where's my other bullet, I have nothing to live for." And then bang!, second shot. I'm on the phone with 911 again saying where the hell are the police.

I see 2 guys and the wife get one guy in their pickup and off they go down the street. 30 seconds later the police show up. They drive past the house the the end of the block, then turn around. They almost drove past us again but I yelled stop! So we have 2 cop cars and they are asking me, Gary and another neighbor what happened. 10 minutes go by and we now have 8 cop cars and they're putting up crime scene tape and all that.

Mother of the wife lives on the corner with her aunt. So aunt comes down and wants to know what is going on. She was babysitting the 3 kids while the couple went to a Christmas party.

A little background here...this couple that lives across the street are as nice as pie. Hard working, church going, always time for a neighborly visit. They did put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard so I knew there was some underlying weirdness. :-)

Anyway, the aunt wants to know what is going on, cop tells her there was a shooting, she says that can't be true I just talked to niece and niece said there'd been an "accident" and she was taking husband to the ER. Yeah, well the accident involved a gun being shot TWICE right in front of my house and by God, I call the police when something like that happens you twit.

Hours later after the police left and all was calm I was laying in bed and I got tickled and could not stop laughing. I kept thinking of the guy saying, "where's my other bullet?" and the Andy Griffith show where Andy made Barney keep his bullet in his pocket.

It was one of those laugh-tension relief moments. Gary got tickled too and we laughed for about 1/2 an hour.


StLouisJohn said...

Oh boy...there's going to be more to this story, I'm sure! Do keep us posted.

Roseann...your physical health may not be the greatest right now -- but your mind is razor sharp!

I about spit my coffee when I read They did put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard so I knew there was some underlying weirdness. :-)

Did you mention this significant piece of evidence to the cops? :)

Luv yah to pieces!


Being Peace said...

You know, I didn't mention it to the cops. They were so stunningly handsome I just kind of stared at them. Gary even said, "you really have a thing for cops and firemen" to which I replied, "yes and you're getting some uniforms for Christmas!"

DanG said...

I just wandered in from Mad Priest's place and liked what I saw. I especially liked your "Fourfold Way" way of life. And I loved your gunshot story. In our little hamlet we hear gunshots all the time depending on what hunting season is on.
Keep the good attitude, works better than a lot of Drs.

Janis Bland said...

Whoo-ee. Try living in redneck holler down past the meth labs ... we had some interesting drama a year and a half ago with a pit bull going crazy at a trailer down the road. "KILL THE SON OF A BITCH" BLAM BLAM. We called the cops, and shortly heard one shotgun BLAM. Phone rang, and when I answered, "Ma'am, this is Deputy Tenney. That shotgun blast was the pit bull being dispatched."