Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a long strange trip its been

So, on Thursday I ended up in the hospital again. My nephrologist and all around great guy, Dr. Kimball said no further delays for any reason because the kidneys are landing me in the hospital every few days. Yipee skipee yahoo!!! So he turns to my new urology surgeon and all around great guy Dr. Mooney who thinks the best thing to control post-op pain will be an epidural. 

I've always been a big chicken about epidurals. The whole needle in the spine deal is just so disconcerting. Then I get the fabulous news that the surgery will be done under general anesthesia and the epidural will be put in while I'm still under. Then Dr. Whoosiewhatsis, anesthesiologist and all around not-so-good guy decides since they were doing lap I didn't need the amount of pain relief offered by the epidural. Wrong.

The alternative was big ol' whopping doses of morphine which made my blood pressure drop to 0 over 0. I was whisked off to ICU which was fine by me. BEST THING EVER was when I got the steroid shots. A side effect of this particular steroid is EUPHORIA! I didn't think I could feel more euphoric after Obama's election but man oh man, I was the most euphoric woman on the planet for a good 6 hours. 

My southern friends will understand this revelation. It turns out my nephrologist and urologist are the doctors for my brother, cousin's husband, sister-in-law's daddy, and sister-in-law's niece is nephrologist's wife's sorority sister. IOW, we're related. 

Thanks to everyone who prayed and/or not prayed.  It is cool how not prayers work too!

Love alla y'all!


suzanne said...

Honey, You sound as if you're still on steroids.

It is so good to hear from you, and I'm thrilled you're out of ICU and in you own room. I hope you're eating and shuffling around the hallways soon.

Prayers still ascending. Give my best to your honey,


susan s. said...

Prayers continue here in Berkeley.

Mimi sent me!

FranIAm said...

Mad Priest sent me, but if he didn't Mimi would have.

I am sitting in a Starbucks in Washington DC and crying after reading this post.

You are amazing- I will continue my prayers for you and all of yours.

Hang in there and be well!!

Anonymous said...

Lady, you rock. MadPriest said you likely wouldn't be at your desk to read the comments, but I'm leaving one anyway. He thought you'd be out gardening or jogging, etc. Is it true?! If so, whatever it is you're on, will you share it?!


Speedy recovery to you, but I think you're already 26 kilometers ahead of me!

johnieb said...

It feels good once they get it done, doesn't it? And it does seem to be a trend to underestimate post-surgical pain; my last un got kinda ugly for a few days.

I been through a bout or two--nothing so serious: just a colectomy--and I was giddy for months.

Yer at the med center in Little Rock, aren't cha? I used to live across the street, but haven't been by there since the mid-eighties.

Prayers continuing for ya, Hon.