Friday, November 28, 2008

Random thoughts about random things

I understand the people who would throw W out on his ass today and let Obama take over. I wonder all the time what he will fuck up before he leaves office. I think the entire country (except the hold out neocon wingnuts) gave thanks that W is O.U.T. in a few more weeks.

Cornbread dressing is great. Bread stuffing is meh.

We got to feast with friends yesterday and everyone preferred the Chocolate Decadence cake over the Pumpkin Pie 5 to 1.

Only one eatery was open when we got home last night and yeah we were hungry. Thank you Wing Stop, you rock!

No calls from my brothers. What a shocker.

It is Black Friday. I hope all the shoppers are having a good time and the stores are making some money. I feel for all the people who work retail. Blessings to you today.

I will be working on Logan's baby quilt today.

Love to all.


susan s. said...

Well, I made 2 pumpkin pies to take to dinner yesterday and left 3/4 of one at their house..I brought the other one home and put it in the refrigerator. You know what? Ice cold pumpkin pie is really good! I had a lot of it for breakfast! It's a vegetable, you know!

Of course the pecan, cherry, and chess pies won out at yesterday's big meal!

The hostess also made mashed sweet potatoes encrusted by butter, brown sugar, and pecans. That was the best vegetable I've ever had!

There was no chocolate pie.

I can tell you had a great T-day Roseane.

susan s. said...

I apologize, Roseann. I realized just after I posted that comment that I had misspelled your name. Too much turkey yesterday, I guess.
I'll try to do better!

The verification word is stupecc... that's too close to stupid for comfort!

StLouisJohn said...

I wonder all the time what he will fuck up before he leaves office.

Today your Countdown widget says he has 51 days left in office. When it comes to W, that's plenty of time to mess up plenty of things, and take care of the good ole boys network.