Sunday, November 9, 2008

My friend the Mad Priest

I have a friend who is a priest in the Church of England. His blog, Of Course I Could Be Wrong, is one of my favorites. Right now Jonathan is under attack by some vile people who would destroy him and his blog ministry if they could. I'm not going to mention their names or link to their site. I wish I had something wise and uplifting to say but I don't. I find these people so hideous and horrible that I'm afraid their stank will rub off on me somehow.

Martin Luther King sums it up for me, "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant."


Anonymous said...

You are missing an important part of story.

Jonathan Hagger wrote "fuck the niggers", and you have the nerve to quote Martin Luther King in his defense?

What is the mentality of someone who can think, let alone write "fuck the niggers"? That is a deeply disturbed person. Hagger is a public figure, and he actually thinks it is ok to write "fuck the niggers"? That there should be no consequences for these actions?

How do you defend a statement like "fuck the niggers", coming from the mind of a clergy member? Whatever the context, it was one of the most vile and disturbing comments by a Christian I have read in a long time.

What would you do if you were a Bishop and one of your priests openly stated "fuck the niggers"? I would remove his collar immediately, and tell him he can return as a congregant and to get some serious counseling.

Being Peace said...

I know the whole story sarahbean and your argument doesn't hold water. You either don't know or don't care about context. I know you're upset and you're going to go write his bishop, do what you think you need to do. Don't think you can come here and convince me of your spin.

Anonymous said...

Help me understand then, under what context is it socially acceptable for a clergyman to write "fuck the niggers" on his public blog?

The only context I can think of is if he is being ironic, or doing something like imitating a racist.

I read the post he made, and he was talking about actual African American people.

Can you please explain to me why you don't think my argument holds water?

Being Peace said...

Can you explain to me why it would be worth my time to engage in any dialog with you? You've already made up your mind and there is no argument here on on MP's blog that will change it. If you convince me your mind is open I'd be happy to talk with you further. I don't feel I have to change your mind, I do feel you should be willing to listen if you are sincere.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you are right and my mind is closed on this case. I can't think of any context other than the ones I mentioned, where it is ok for a clergyman to say "fuck the niggers".

It is one of the most shocking and vile things a person can say, and it offended me as a Christian and made me worry about the people in his care. There is a lot of responsibility in the calling to be a priest, and it is hard for me to understand how saying "fuck the niggers" fits in. Even if it is in defense of homosexuals, it doesn't make it less offensive.

That's all I have, if you do have information I am missing and I have misunderstood, let me know.


Arkansas Hillbilly said...


It got your attention, didn't it? I would not have gone quite so far, but in some ways I share his sentiment. To quote John Stewart, "it only took, what, 24 hours to go from opressee to opressor?" I would rather he used the more neutral title of Asshat, but it just didn't have the same ring of sheer anger and pain that I think we all were feeling at the time.

You can't tell me you have never had a similar set of words come to mind when you were hurt so deeply by a group of people? Jonathan was only articulating what many of us felt in anger. He has since removed the offending post. Mote and beam, my friend, mote and beam.

BP, glad to hear you're feeling better! Blessings to you! Maybe if we are in the same neighborhood, we can share a cup of coffee sometime.

Being Peace said...

That would be awesome Hillbilly! My nephew lives up your way and I hope to get to visit him between Christmas and the transplant. We'll be welcoming his baby boy on Christmas day if all goes as planned.

Email me if you get to Little Rock!!

Arkansas Hillbilly said...


That is truly a blessing. My little tricycle motor turned one over the summer, and the Mrs. and I are in negotiations on a second. Hope things go well with your transplant.

I will definitely let you know if I'm in the LR area, on the condition that if you are in the Bentonville/Rogers area you do the same. Deal?

Being Peace said...

Consider that a deal!