Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lunch with Els

Today started off badly when G's boss called to see if he would work today. I was looking forward to hanging out with him and getting some run-around chores done like plates on the new car, but noooooooooooo. Then my friend Els called and was in town for a couple of meetings with a nice long break in between so we went to a late lunch. I have found my new favorite Arian cuisine neighborhood restaurant! We each had a soup. Mine was thin slices of raw beef tenderloin sliced into a steaming hot broth and served up with all the regular fresh beansprouts, kefir lime, jalapenos, that gooey sweet hot sauce. Truly OMG delicious. Els had the Thai Hot and Sour soup with shrimp and crab meat. Each soup was served in its own tureen with enough for about 20 people. Sharing soup is a great way to pass time with a friend.

Els is taking a six month sabbatical starting the first of the year and taking a trip around the world. If things go well I'll be transplanted around that time so we're both off on a journey of healing and restoration. Els is an advocate for children and the Act 1 vote in Arkansas was very painful for her. 10 years ago in the county she covers there were 10 foster homes serving a population need off about 20,000 people. Today there are 8 foster homes serving a population of around 50,000.  So way to go all you anti-gay children hating bigots. Nice work.

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