Sunday, November 30, 2008

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a good girl. Mostly because I've been too sick to be bad, but that still counts as good right? Thanks so much for the early gift of President-elect Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress. I'm forever grateful for that! Here's the rest of my wish list. Hope you can make some if not all of this list happen.

  1. A new kidney. I'm grateful for all the volunteers and hoping for a match!
  2. An end to war. Ours and everyones. This has got to stop. We've got to find a better way.
  3. Economic stability.
  4. A stop to all the homophobic, deny human rights, fear based BS about GLBTs.
  5. A good solution to tax issues.
  6. Al Franken wins the recount. A long shot, I know.
  7. Health, happiness to all my family and friends. Even the ones who make me crazy.
Thanks for reading this Santa and I hope you can fit it all into your sleigh!

Your most devoted friend,

1 comment:

MadPriest said...

You'll get cheap chocolates and toiletries like everyone else!!
Now, get back to the shopping!