Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random thoughts about random things

One of the things I'm learning while dealing with a serious illness, a life-threatening condition is to limit my contact with certain people. There are people who are helpful and supportive and these are people I want to keep close. There are people who want to make my condition about them somehow and want me to help and support them as they deal with my illness. I don't have the energy for that. There are people who want to offer opinions on what I should do or how I should behave. If opinions can be offered in love without attacking me, then I want to hear them. Maintaining relationships requires a lot of energy. My stores are limited so I have to make careful choices. Being a relative is not an automatic in either. 

I've been thinking about the generations of Southern women I grew up knowing. The women who helped form and shape me. Women who could eat bar-b-q ribs with a knife and fork while wearing white gloves and remain spotless. Women who could speak truth to power. I loved them and I miss them. I'm also one of them and that makes me proud. Yes, my silver pattern was picked out at birth, I know all the rules of proper etiquette, I know what is appropriate though I don't always write thank you notes (mother, forgive me.) 

I was listening to NPR and heard a gentleman talking about buying a new computer. When he asked Mac folk about Macs they told him all the wonderful things about their computer. When he asked PC folk about PCs they told him all the things wrong with Macs. This presidential election is similar. Democrats can tell you all the wonderful things about Obama and his plans for the nation. Republicans can only tell you what is wrong with Obama. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Help the Bees

I want to share this information from on how we can help save the Bees!

...make your landscaping into a bee buffet. Start by avoiding flowering plants that were bred for showy features, such as sunflowers or tulips. Instead focus on a wide variety of native plants that blossom in succession, rather than one plant that blooms all at once. This provides a more constant supply of reliable food for the bees. Also keep in mind that good housing is hard to find for bees, so consider providing some options such as a specially designed bee house (check your local wild bird store or garden supply) or a bare patch for bees that prefer nesting in burrows.

In addition, support your local beekeepers by buying locally produced honey at a farmer's market or natural foods store near you. This will help keep the important profession of beekeeping financially viable. Finally, you may want to support businesses that are actively creating awareness of CCD, such as Häagen-Dazs and Burt's Bees, which makes personal care products using beeswax, supports the Honeybee Health Improvement Project, and sent out 50,000 packets of wildflower seeds to individuals for signing up on its Web site.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why I love the MadPriest

So, what would MP do as part of the bailout?

He would take away the passports from all the directors of every company involved. He would confiscate all their US property and all of their money. He would make it impossible for them to bring their foreign funds in to the country and then he would set them and their families to work in soup kitchens for five years on the minimum wage. He knows he being easy on them but he is a Christian!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Give Me an A! or an O!

I've been on dialysis for about a month now. That has helped me to feel a lot better. I am about 6 months from being ready for a transplant.

If you are blood type A or O please consider being a kidney donor for me. I have 5 volunteers so far but we've done no testing yet for compatability. The larger the pool of volunteers the better my chances of finding a compatible match.

Please leave a comment if you will like more information. All expenses for the donor will be covered.