Monday, September 1, 2008

Abstinence Only

Both Sarah Palin and John McCain back abstinence-only education. No surprises there.

What's galling is this: When the subject is a pregnancy to an unwed, minority teenage mother growing up in some (presumably Democratic) urban area, that pregnancy becomes fodder for lectures from conservatives about bad parenting, the perils of welfare spending and so on. But when the subject is a pregnancy to an unwed, white teenager from some small town in a Republican state, that pregnancy is...a celebration of the wonders of God's magnificence--and choosing life!


StLouisJohn said...

Roseann, I posted on this too! And thought about you the whole time writing my post! I knew you'd be on it!

It's absolutely amazing. It's as if the GOP is not even trying anymore to hide it's institutionalized hypocrisy.


suzanne said...

So what about Mother Sara's pregnant teenage daughter? Methinks Sara needs to have begun her teaching at home.

StLouisJohn said...

It *IS* too funny...if there is a lesson in all this, it's that insistence on "abstinence only" just does not work. If her pregnant daughter doesn't "bring that message home" to Palin....nothing will.

Oh this is going to be an interesting election!