Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What??? No more cake???

Argh! Now I have to be on a dialysis diet. No more coconut cake. No nuts of any kind. And get this...I have to eat white bread. WTF? I need to talk to the nutritionist.

Things I learned in the first dialysis session. Dress warmly. Like Eskimo warmly. That place is cold! Reading will not happen...there are TVs everywhere and machines that beep and boop and people running around. Way too distracting for reading. iPod is a life saver. People get used to it and most everyone there slept through their treatment.

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StLouisJohn said...

No more coconut cake. No nuts of any kind.

Yikes! Not fun! {{{hugs}}}

iPod is a life saver.

I'm here to tell you, I think these things (along with my mp3 player! :) are technological manna from heaven. At work, I get so much done. In fact, I've gone so far as to put a small mirror on my desk, because with the earbuds I can't hear any outside distracting noise. And at home, I can plow through housework most absentmindedly.

Like you, I've downloaded NPR podcasts and such. I've also commenced ripping several favorite CD's to it.

Hugs, love and prayer!