Sunday, August 17, 2008

How things are going...

I applied for SSI disability (you know, all the money I paid into FICA for all those years) and I've been turned down twice. I hired an attny and filed for an appeal about 18 months ago. So finally I get a hearing but it is in Dallas and I am too ill to travel. I informed the local SSI office in Little Rock 8 months ago that I was now living in Arkansas but apparently that information got filed in the ether somewhere. I was going to try to go to Dallas but I just can not do it. Prayers for a quick resolution and move to Little Rock would be appreciated.

My friend Els came today and cleaned my floors for me. That is just a wonderful gift and I am so grateful. I am hoping that my nephrologist will get me set up with some home help service this week. DH is working two jobs and I am just too weak to do what needs to be done around the house. I've always been a helper but now I'm the one who needs help. Very frustrating.

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suzanne said...


As I was popping morning pills, I tuned into Mad Priest, and there you were. I've been concerned and was afraid you were too ill to write. I remember walking around in little tufts of dog and cat hair. It's no fun not to be able to do just Normal stuff.

Good luck tomorrow and know that my prayers will be with you. It's kind of a stressful day, but keep your humor about you.

BTW, Christiana Care is sponsering a kidney walk in September, and I've choosen you as the person I'm walking for.

Keep in touch,