Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am so annoyed

I'm having one of those days where everyone and everything and my 4-leggeds are annoying me. So...I'm retiring to the couch to read. Sometimes you just have to start the day over.


suzanne said...

Oh GAD!! Me to.

It must be the heat and humidity here......

93 deg.


StLouisJohn said...

Same here for the most part. Except for my 4 legged guy. Given that he's my only real-life-in-person (canine?) friend, what keeps me going is being able to reach out, and feel something soft and warm...and get a lick in return that tells me he loves me. :)

StLouisJohn said...

Hey still have my email right... jtdawid (at) hotmail (dot) com?

Since your move, I don't know if you have a new email addy or not!