Friday, July 25, 2008

I got a new toy!

DH won an iPod Nano and now it is mine! =)
How cute is this? I love it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Els, snakes and +Gene

My friend Els sent me this story:

I was out camping with my family and our friends from Maui .

Greer’s Ferry Lake has been way above normal water levels since early spring, which caused many of the parks to close and an influx of campers in the furthest Northern park where we have camped for now 30 years. My quiet park was packed! One afternoon, while sitting around with the 2 year old son of my god-daughter Mikel, I heard this scream: Snake!!!. All around us there was this yelling and before I knew what was happening, right in front of our camping spot were numerous men, women and their children with axes and shovels, all ready to attack a very small, very colorful snake which totally ignorant of the excitement it was causing, was slithering across the road on its way to enter the ground and trees behind my tent.

I asked the leader, the one up front with the biggest ax if the snake was harmful. What exactly had the snake done to provoke all this?

The guy looked at me as if I was the nut. Should we not kill all snakes? All were ignorant in even identifying a poisonous from non-poisonous, still the mob lynch mentality had totally taken over and there was an excitement in the air for killing something which had an equal or maybe bigger right in being there.

Poisonous or not.

The leader of the pack finally shrugged and told me since it was heading to my tent it was no longer his problem.

I watched the snake for a while comforting 2 year old Nainoa Mountain Love, my god daughter’s son who with a name like that you know is raised in a peaceful world (Nikki told us upon hearing his name that it reeked of tree-huggers). Nainoa did not fear the snake but was scared by the unexplainable anger and close death of something that caused no harm to the earth, instead only added color.

I think of this and wonder if what is done to Bishop Gene Robinson does not come from the same ignorance our world lives in.

Mob mentality based on something our bible scared us from with only a simple word.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monkeys are EVIL

I hate monkeys. They are evil, filthy spawns of Satan. This woman should get an assistance dog or go to therapy or get anti-anxiety meds. Her "I gotta have my monkey everywhere with me" story is idiocy.

Suit alleges monkey discrimination
Woman contends she needs animal to stop her social anxiety disorder.

Tired of her monkey being sent scampering from area businesses, a Springfield woman filed suit last week against the health department, a local Wal-Mart and Cox Health Systems. In a lawsuit filed Friday, Debby Rose alleges the three entities discriminated against her and a 10-year old bonnet macaque named Richard.

All of the defendants, who Rose sued for unspecified damages, declined to comment on the litigation, noting they hadn't yet seen the suit.

Rose says Richard helps curb her debilitating social anxiety disorder -- which can cause her to have panic attacks in public.

Because of the animal's therapeutic effect, Rose says, he is no different than a seeing eye dog. When I ask, was the last time a seeing eye dog threw feces at anyone?????????

Her lawsuit contends the Springfield-Greene County Health Department had no authority to decide that Richard is not a service animal under the Americans With Disabilities Act and, therefore, is not allowed in food establishments.

That decision was made in 2006, when health department officials sent out letters to restaurants and grocery stores, telling them not to let Rose in with the monkey.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am so annoyed

I'm having one of those days where everyone and everything and my 4-leggeds are annoying me. So...I'm retiring to the couch to read. Sometimes you just have to start the day over.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bishop Greg Rickel

I love +Greg. He is a man of peace and wisdom and I'm am grateful to call him my friend. He is currently at Lambeth. Read his blog here:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Like Mike

My friend Michael has moved from LV back to Dallas. Even though I've left Dallas I'm sure I'll go back for a visit and then DH and I can see Michael too. Last night DH asked why women find Michael attractive. Duh. He's got the bad boy look but is totally straight edge. He is very intelligent and creative. Most of all, he's the funniest human alive.

Michael quote of the day, "everyone gives GOD so much credit for being so awesome...yet everything he makes breaks...he is like the YUGO of creators."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kidney donor...I'm praying for you

I don't know who will be my donor or when they will appear. I am praying that God protects them and guides them. And whoever you are, I love you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


This word has now become a permanent part of my vocabulary.

wank·er [wang-ker] Chiefly British and Australian Slang: Vulgar.
1.a contemptible person; jerk.
2.a male masturbator.

It just seems so perfect.

Sarah Hey...major wanker

I love it!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kidney Transplant Update

I saw the nephrologist today.

The kidney transplant preparation has to start now. Both kidneys have to be removed. This came as a shock to me...PKD isn't just cysts on the kidneys (which never stop growing.) It causes cysts in the liver and colon. The biggest shocker is it can cause brain anuerysms too.

It has to be done w/in the next 24 months or, well, it is going to be really bad. The thought now is to get the transplant before dialysis is necessary. Transplants can also be done w/out the heavy steroids like prednasone. I'm really grateful for that.

I'm beyond emotional at this moment. I want to cry but I don't want to break down in front of Gary. He's got enough on his heart and mind without me being a big crybaby. He wants to be evaluated as a possible donor. I don't mean to be maudlin, I just believe deeply he'd be better off w/out me. I'm not suicidal and I plan to fight. I believe I've put him through more than he deserves though.

I'm on all kinds of new drugs now including Procrit at $700 a shot. That'll be $1400 a month just for Procrit. Hopefully insurance will cover it. We won't know until it is submitted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I just watched Kevin Smith's movie Dogma again. I love the movie, and I really love Alainis Morrisette's song STILL played over the closing credits.

I am the harm which you inflict
I am your brilliance and frustration
I'm the nuclear bombs if they're to hit
I'm your immaturaty and your indignance

I am your misfits and your praised
I am your doubt and your conviction
I am your charity and your rape
I am your grasping and expectation

I see you averting your glances
I see you cheering on the war
I see you ignoring your children
And I love you still
And I love you still

I am your joy and your regret
I am your fury and your elation
I am your yearning and your sweat
I am your faithless and your religion

I see you altering history
I see you abusing the land
I see you and your selective amnesia
And I love you still
And I love you still

I am your tragedy and your fortune
I am your crisis and delight
I am your profits and your prophets
I am your art, I am your bytes

I am your death and your decisions
I am your passion and your plights
I am your sickness and convalescence
I am your weapons and your light

I see you holding your grudges
I see you gunning them down
I see you silencing your sisters
And I love you still
And I love you (still)

I see you lie to your country
I see you forcing them out
I see you blaming each other
And I love you still
And I love you still

Pull your damn pants up

I don't get the saggy pants fashion...never have. Apparently in Flint, MI they've decided it is indecent exposure for your boxers, briefs, thong or crack to show. I'm not so sure this is the best use of law enforcement. Will they go after plumbers and carpenters or just fashionably-tragic young people. As one blogger said, "it seems to me the police in Flint have bigger cracks to fill."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best. Headline. Ever.

Jesus Loves You--And Your Orgasm

Bishops without penises

Jul 8th, 2008 | LONDON -- The Church of England's ruling body has voted its support for women to become bishops without giving traditionalist supporters of male-only priesthood the concessions they had sought.

One bishop broke down in tears at the meeting of senior British church leaders Monday in York, northern England, as he described his distress at the church's lack of willingness to accommodate traditionalists who have threatened to leave if they felt they were not adequately protected.

First off, yeah C of E...good on you. But WTF about accommodating those who threaten to leave if they're not "adequately protected." Why would that be a goal? This is an emerging paradigm for C of E and there are those who can't tolerate change of any kind. What do you say to those who've threatened to leave? You say, "Goodbye. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord."

There's really nothing else you can say. Yes it is painful but there's that messy life for you.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Homegrown Tomatoes

I love homegrown tomatoes. The best in the world are grown in Arkansas, USA. Don't even try to argue with me about it. Second runner up...Creole Tomatoes from Louisiana.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I want a hedgehog. If anyone has one that needs a home let me know.

Fr. Jake and the 4th of July

Fr. Jake ( a priest I thank God for calling in the Episcopal Church is closing his blog. He has been fighting the good fight and will now move to a new place where God is calling him. Thank you Fr. Jake for your service to God and TEC.

Today is my country's birthday. God is calling us to a new place. No war, no torture, no oppression, no fear. That is not a new place really. We have always been called here, we just haven't made it yet.

I love you straighten up and fly right!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

News from Dorothy

It seems my friend the MadPriest has named me Dorothy. Maybe changing my name is a good thing at this time. It is true that some people have changed their names when their lives changed or when they wanted their lives to change.

Today I'm grateful that I live in such a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. No sounds of planes, trains or automobiles. The only noise is from a young man who plays his car stereo at a volume that literally rattles my windows. I don't mind it much though because it is just a few seconds when he leaves his house or comes home in the wee hours. I'm awake anyway and it is just too small a thing to get worried over.

I want to thank everyone who is praying for me. I've had such a sense of peace the last few days. I love you all.